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What is a soft-wash

Soft-wash is a method to clean render surfaces using chemicals to clean the surface more gentle than high powered pressure washing.

Only low pressure is used to refresh the area, this is often walls of a house or business.

Cleaning using soft-washing methods allows us to work on softer renders like k-rend or similar without damaging the wall.

Its useful for cleaning painted walls too, we can apply the chemicals, agitate the painted surface and thoroughly wash down using low pressure to leave a renewed look.

This cleaning is helpful where property needs to be looking tiptop.

Perhaps for your own benefit or for future sale of the property, we can provide regular maintenance cleaning which can be between 3 years to 5 years dependent on weather conditions and where the property is.

There are several ways to clean and we can discuss these with you prior to cleaning.

Booking the soft wash is paramount, although there are times we can  slot you in quickly if the weather is good to do so and our work schedule is up to date.

Obviously if the property is going up for sale there maybe more urgency as commanding the best possible price for your property is the goal for both you and us. We have provided this service for people in the same boat and I know that a few sold immediately after the clean we provided.

Hopefully we can be of service to you in the future.

We provide soft-washing render cleaning in the following areas:-

  • Soft-washing – Llanelli – Ammanford – Carmarthen – Llandeilo

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